CL 62M

Grillo CL 62M Grillo CL 62M Grillo CL 62M Grillo CL 62M Grillo CL 62M

The maneuverability of the CL62M makes cutting tall grass and undergrowth quick and effective.
Rough terrain, slopes and obstacles are never a problem for the CL62M!
The perfect weight balance and special tyres guarantee grip in all conditions.
The single-blade, 620 mm diameter cutting deck produces a good finish even when cutting lawns, making it a mulcher suitable for professional and private lawn maintenance and in agriculture for mowing in orchards and olive groves.
The blade has shock-resistant floating ends with mulching effect.
The deck of the CL 62M is mounted at the front therefore allowing the operator to cut under low positioned branches or bushes. High grass, coppices and bushes are guided into the cutter deck and cut by the blade with (shock-resistant) swinging tips which are made from special steel, the cut material is then discharged out of the rear. If necessary the cutter deck’s front aperture will lift up automatically when entering high vegetation without crushing in down, which considerably increases the efficiency of the machine.

The deck of the CL62M is made entirely of steel, the cutting height can be adjusted from a minimum of 50 up to 110 mm. Adjustment is progressive by hand crank, which is very easy to use.

The cutting blade is equipped with shock-proof floating ends made of special molded steel with a special anti-noise shape with mulching effect.

The maximum cutting height of 110 mm is ideal when the ground is uneven so as not to accidentally hit the ground.

The front wheel of the cutting deck is full, impossible to drill!
When cutting along the coast, its rotation can be locked to facilitate straight feeding. Locking/unlocking is done quickly, without the use of any tools.

The CL62M has a calibrated weight distribution with a very low center of gravity. The result is perfect balance!
During work, you can operate the handlebar with one hand, which allows you to adjust the forward and reverse gears via the control on the handlebar. When mowing along slopes, near trees and other obstacles, or if you are mulching brushwood and shrubs under low branches, this feed adjustment system comes in very handy!

The handlebar of the CL62M has double adjustment: height wise to meet the needs of all users, and laterally to facilitate cutting in difficult areas such as under low branches or obstacles.

The transmission of the CL62M is hydro-static, the speed ranges from 0 to 4.7 km/h in continuously variable forward, and up to 3 km/h in reverse.

The CL62M has a disc parking brake that keeps the machine stationary even on slopes.

All controls are in a comfortable position, including the handlebar adjustment levers.

The Grillo CL62M is powered by a Kawasaki FJ180V OHV petrol engine with a 1.6 litre fuel tank. The single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 179 cc and adopts modern solutions that guarantee reliability such as overhead valves, low emissions, low fuel consumption, high performance and minimal vibrations.

The CL62M can easily be placed in an upright position by simply resting the handlebar on the ground. Maintenance and cleaning of the plate is therefore easy.

The CL 62M can be fitted with non-slip iron toothed discs as accessories for extra grip on slippery and steeply sloping terrain.

All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of high quality. Frame, handlebars, plate, everything is built by Grillo in Italy, using the best materials and the latest technology to achieve high, consistent and 100% controlled quality.
The painting of Grillo machines is double-layer electrostatic powder. First there are the washing and preparation baths, then a first protective layer is applied which, with baking in the oven, is the best base for the finishing application. The second coat of paint and a further baking in the oven at 190°c give the characteristic hardness and gloss.
All CL62M are meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested by specialized personnel. The final inspection of the CL62 includes a test with the engine running to check every function. A further and final guarantee for a high quality product.

Like all Grillo products, the CL62M is designed and built to last and retain its value for many years.
Grillo products are distributed and serviced extensively by Grillo's network of specialist dealers. Spare parts are available even after many years.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet CL 62M
Engine Kawasaki FJ180V
Start recoil starter
Supply fuel
Displacement 179 cc, 1 Cylinder
Power 4.5 HP (3.4 kW)
Air cooled
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges
Fuel tank capacity 1,6 L.
Transmission hydrostatic
Traction 2WD
Cutter deck Rear discharge with front tipping opening
Cutting configuration with one “Mulching type” rotating blade.
Cutting width 62 cm
Cutting height From 5 to 11 cm continuously and rapidly adjustable by means of a crank lever
Peripheral blade speed 74 m/s
Drive wheels 4.00-8 tractor wheels
Front wheel Puncture-proof
Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 4,7 km/h, reverse gear from 0 to 3 km/h
Parking brake By lever
Handlebar By means of a rapid height and lateral adjustment of the handlebar
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 2000 m^2/h
Length 190 cm
Width 707 mm
Height 1000 mm
Weight 98 kg
In action! Photos and Videos
In action! Photos and Videos
CL 62M
CL 62M
Grillo CL 62M
Grillo CL 62M
Grillo CL 62M
Grillo CL 62M
Implements CL 62M

Anti-slip teethed steel discs

to be applied on CL 62M
item no.: 921311
weight: 12 kg

Snorkel Kit

to be applied on CL 62M - HWT 700 SUPERTRAC
item no.: 9A5011
weight: 2 kg
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